How to Login Kahoot

A website based or app-based game “Kahoot” has taken off an important role in the classrooms in this decade. But, this might be a little foggy to a few of the people. Don’t you worry about that, This article will be the complete guidebook to know about the Kahoot app. A learning-based game ‘Kahoot’ is mainly using as an educational system in the classrooms. A cluster of questions with 4 multiple choices is provided in this game. Every question has a different type of music which makes the game more innovative towards the followers and as well as the students too. Each Question has time limits for locking the answer in Kahoot.

After locking the choice of answer by the user Kahoot shows up the right answer, which helps to recall the knowledge of any particular subject. From 2013 to 2018, “Kahoot” has seized almost more than 50 million monthly active users and 2 million K-12 teachers in the U.S.well, Kahoot is available Mainly in the English language but the optional languages are French, Spanish, etc. For the first time, this gaming app was the main website baed but in the year 2017, Kahoot launched this game in an exclusive application, which made the Kahoot app easier for the creators and followers. This commercial app does not need any kind of registration for quiz participation, but a small “login” or the “sign-in” work is required for quiz creation. Kahoot is the best knowledge review app for all the students. Watch Kahoot gameplay on Kissasian to get more info about kahoot

Kahoot login

Don’t know to start the quiz? let us see how to login to Kahoot. Follow the steps and start your game own quiz right now!

Step 1

The impatient Students, who are curious to make an account in the Kahoot app, let us see how to make this easiest web-based or app-based gaming app “Kahoot”. you can create your own account of Kahoot very easily. Take your suitable device (laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, mobile, etc.)and open your favorite internet browser and go to the official website of Kahoot by typing

Step 2

If a teacher is Creating a new account to start the session for a quiz round then after the simply log in work, they can generate a Gaming pin for the students. On the other hand, the student will have a game pin given by the teacher. It will help the students to join that particular Kahoot session.

Step 3

copy the gaming pin on the smartboard. Type or paste the gaming pin into the empty boxes and enter.

Step 4

Now the option will appear on your screen to set your nickname. Now simply click “JOIN”

Step 5

Yeah! You are all set to start the game now

Step 6

Start the quiz round. Watch out the questions attentively and answer before the time runs out.

Step 7

The right answers for each question will give the reward of Kahoot points.

The more you can give the correct answers, the More you can credit Kahoot points to win the game.

Kahoot Teacher login

This app has a great feature for learning and making others learn in a particular subject. After a long period of class, A teacher will surely hold a test to review the wisdom of the students, But most of the time this brings monotone in the student’s minds. Kahoot has ended up all the monotone with an exclusive musical quiz round for the students. Both the students and teachers get quite active in the musical rounds. After the time limits of each multiple-choice question, Kahoot shows the right answers on the screen. This is more valuable for the students to Investigate the knowledge acquired in the class. Let us know how to create a new account as a teacher.

  1. Take your suitable device. Kahoot can be accessible on mobiles, tablets, i-pads or computers, etc. so you can use any device. start your internet browser, in the address bar, and type
  2. After going ahead, you can sign up for free. The option is residing on the right side of the top corner of the screen. select the option.
  3. Now select the role for your Kahoot account. As you are login as a teacher to create your own quiz. So go with the option “I’M A TEACHER”.
  4. The Kahoot will ask you for your details such as your school name, university name, username, your email id. Confirmation of the email id, creating a new password for your account.
  5. Now the final step to check-in. Click on the option “CREATE ACCOUNT”.
  6. Yeah! You are now ready to access your new account as a teacher.

Now you are able to create new questions for your students or the followers or paste the question set which is already made by other people.

Kahoot Student Login

If you are very much interested to follow up the quiz rounds and test your skill in certain subjects then here are the steps to start Kahoot as a student.

  1. Take your device and start up the browser. Search kahootit and go to the official page of Kahoot.
  2. The free Sign up option will be there in the right corner of the screen as described in the login part of the teacher.
  3. As you are starting the new account as a student, so go with the option ‘student’.
  4. now put all the details of your such as the name of the school, date of birth, and the account details such as email id and a new password.
  5. The final step is by clicking the blue button “Create an account.”

Hope we are left with zero confusion about the login or create an account on the web-based or app-based musical quiz game “Kahoot“.If there are still confusions regarding the login or sign in, Please drop a message in the comment box. We will do our best to solve the issues and make you a great learner in this game “Kahoot“.

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